The List of Best Roku Channels on 2018

Best Roku Channels

The Best Roku Channels

All Roku devices come with a whopping video library that features content beyond imagination, so much so that it can even be an overwhelming choice. Additionally, you can also find channels featuring other users, to top it all. Somehow, I guess we have lost count. Here are some of the best Roku Channels that you should tune in to.


Netflix’s popularity is staggering. At just $7.99 users get to watch content on the channel in standard definition. For HD and 4K programming, the app charges at $10.99 and $13.99 per month, respectively. This is also considered as part of the cord-cutting revolution that hit streaming television. It has invested a few billions into featuring original content, so users can get to watch some fantastic hits including Stranger Things and Wild Wild Country. The Netflix channel also has one of the easiest interfaces for navigation.

Amazon Prime Video

A complete Amazon Prime Membership costs about $119 and a monthly cost is around $8.99. Thanks to its extensive movie library, Amazon original series, and its support of premium channels like HBO and Starz, Amazon Prime Video is quickly becoming one of the best streaming services in the world. Watch Oscar winners like Manchester by the Sea and original series like Jack Ryan and also get access to Amazon’s original movies.


The only way to watch HBO was to have cable or tape stuff, at your friend’s house, in the olden times. Today, at just $15 per month you get a premium movie channel that has launched its service over the internet especially for cord-cutters. HBO Now is available for all but HBO Go still requires a cable HBO subscription. Along with its current movie library, you get access to HBO’s award-winning original series, films, and documentaries. As they appear on the app the night they air, you don’t even have to wait until the next day to catch new episodes of some of your favorite shows.


For Hulu with Limited Commercials you just pay $7.99 per month and for Hulu with No Commercials you pay around $11.99. Watch Hulu with Live TV for just $39.99 per month. The first stop after canceling cable is Hulu, for the cord-cutting TV fans. Albeit with limited commercial interruptions, Hulu subscribers can stream the most new TV shows almost immediately the day after they air. Hulu has an impressive library of movies, documentaries, and anime for your viewing pleasure along with thousands of TV shows. Among these are Showtime and HBO along with Hulu With Live TV where you can catch up with live cable through an app.

DirecTV Now

Arguably DirecTV Now is the best option in streaming cable. Starting at 60-plus channels for $40 a month, the channel also offers 120-plus channels for about $75 per month. It almost feels like you never cut the cord with cloud DVR and pristine picture quality. Like your old cable plan DirecTV Now doesn’t come with a contract, which is also its best feature. For just $5 a month Movie fans will appreciate being able to add HBO to their entertainment list.

Cost: Starting at $40 per month for 60-plus channels and topping out at $75 per month for 120-plus channels.

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