What are the Hidden Channels Available on Roku – Roku Private Channels

Roku Private Channels

Roku Private Channels

Roku is always in high demand due to the variety of content it offers. There are also some hidden beta-version Roku Private Channels available users to watch absolutely free of cost.

The Crackdown

In August last year, Roku cracked down on all the unintended private streamers. Most of the time, these private channels are testing their content before going live. But there are also some who are offering pirated content and Roku has started displaying warning messages against them. Whenever a user tries to install a private or hidden channel an alert appears where Roku informs users about the terms that these non-certified channels have to abide by. The message also states that the company has the right to remove any such private channel without any prior notice.

Roku Private Channels 2018

For those of you who are fans of the platform and would like to still, gather new hidden channels into their stream, here is the newest list along with the codes. Check the validity of these codes before you proceed to activating or adding the channel.

Nowhere TV

Code H9DWC, by far, this is most certainly one of the best Roku Private channels that contain a heterogeneity of content ranging from News to Entertainment to Sports. Watch Government-oriented channels such as CNN International, BBC and C-Span. Access ‘The White House Press Briefings’ and all the international news that you can get from Al Jazeera in English, Arabic and American. Watch ‘The Pentagon Channel’, Ted Talks, Hubble cast HD and NASA TV. Watch the Universal Sports Network and PBS Kids on Roku. Enhance the user experience additionally with the supporting apps.

Avail of unique screensavers that feature your Push bullet notifications with Nowhere Bullet that comes with the code ‘nowherebullet’. Use Nowhere Vine to play Vines on your Roku player with code ‘noweherevine’.

Unofficial Twitch

Twitch comes with the code ‘TwitchTV’ and is also considered as one of the few private channels that are gradually gaining streaming popularity on the platform. Watch all of its content on the Roku even though the app is ideally unofficial.

Wilderness Channel

Activate the Wilderness Channel with the code fl821095. This channel is one of the most appropriate replacements for National Geographic or any other channel that features wildlife and animals. The channel streams survival training, fishing, hunting and a lot more. Content similar to the VS wild series can be found on this channel.


Access the Amatuerlogic channel with the code Alogic, especially if you are a great fan of DIYs or Do It Yourself activities. The video podcast on the channel features amateur anything, such as computers, radio, photography and other projects.


MaddyMation is all set to be one of the favorite Roku private channels, pretty soon. Activate it with the code MADDYMATION and catch the best cartoons and anime of all times.

Great Chefs

Cooking-related channels on the Roku are limited. Though you can watch Great Chefs with the code greatchefs for cooking enthusiasts. There are wide categories of cooking videos available here as well.

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