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Getting Started with Roku – Roku OTT

If you are looking for Getting Started with Roku guidance to configure and set up your new Roku OTT or Over-The-Top box device, then you should refer to the Quick Roku Start Guide that comes along with the package.

Difference between the Roku and Traditional TV

  • One of the biggest differences between cable / satellite television and the Roku is, the box’s ability to provide you with on-demand content. Add or remove channels or apps, at will, on the Roku according to your viewing preference.
  • Traditional TV services require the consumer to browse through the entire gamut of streaming channels before you arrive at your choice. Roku eliminates this and lets you append channels according to your wish.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive cable TV subscription with Roku’s live channel streaming
  • Add individual channels to the Roku either directly from the player or use your smartphone for the activity
  • The streaming player specializes in providing you with some of the best VOD or Video-On-Demand services as well as live streaming channels.

Roku Getting Started Guide

Device attributes

  • While Roku uses the internet to add, remove and even download the content of your choice, you cannot access the web from the Roku player.
  • Roku’s OTT boxes are usually wired connections that have the ability to provide superior performances
  • Use the Ethernet cable to attach the Roku directly to the router for the best streaming
  • Make complete use of Roku’s potential when you can cast images from your phone to the TV
  • There are several other casting functions supporting a range of file formats that enables versatile use of the device

Box setting up

  • Choose from a myriad of categories to add channels into the Roku player
  • Accomplish hardware hook up with the help of the accessories that you get along with the device
  • Plug the HDMI cable ends appropriately into the television and the streaming gadget
  • Thereafter, ready and pair the remote control using the AA batteries
  • Append the enclosed power adapter into an electrical outlet connecting to the player to power it on
  • It is up to the consumer to obtain an Ethernet cable connection to the Roku and the router
  • From here, just follow the steps displayed on the TV’s wizard
Roku Getting Started Guide
Roku Getting Started Guide


  • There are several categories that users can choose from such as ‘Movies & TV’, ‘News & Weather’, ‘Music’, etc.
  • The Roku’s interface is pretty self-explanatory and does not require too much learning
  • Wherever required, simply utilize the arrow keys for navigating or toggling to a particular field
  • Thereafter, you just have to use the virtual keypad if you are trying to locate a specific channel


  • Roku comes with a powerful ‘Search’ function that lets you find movies, shows and other video content for addition by just typing the name of the actor, director or the name of the content itself
  • Otherwise, go to the Channel Store on the player to find whatever you want
  • Once you find the app of your choice, select it to see a brief synopsis of what you can expect
  • You will even visualize a rating for the channel
  • Press on it and then click on the link ‘Add Channel’ to download and install it on to the player

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