Privacy Policy

This statement herein of is how the website functions in terms of its interactions with its users which can be through official content displayed on the website or through unofficial information shared through the website’s representatives. The website also collects details directly or indirectly from its users for providing any service pertaining to Roku devices or with respect to the channels that are activated on these devices.

Data Collection Process

Personal information, device information, channel subscription details, card details, PayPal or another gateway related information may have to be divulged during the process of communicating with the support team of our website. Proceed with our service if and only if you agree to these conditions and the privacy policy that is given herein. However, the policies and the other terms are only applicable to the rokuchannelguide website and not for any of its affiliates. They are governed by their own terms, conditions and policies which will be found on their particular website and we do not claim any responsibility for their services.

Location data

Some services like device setup and channel activation may require for our representatives to collect location related information from the user. If the user denies the website of such vital information, then the website’s backend team will not be able to provide any relevant solutions for the above-mentioned issues.


Cookies are an important part of studying and analyzing the traffic of the website. Besides, we also make use of this information to improve the services that are provided on our website and also the various content available on the website.