-Watch the Pluto TV on Your Roku Streaming Player

Activate Pluto TV on Roku

Do you know what Pluto is known for? It’s unusual and unique orbit. Much like the distinctive planet Pluto TV sets out to offer its viewers a culmination of distinctive entertainment absolutely free.

Discover the channel on your Roku by simply getting into the Channel Store and navigating through the icons. You can still use the SEARCH feature to type the name and load the channel instantly. With more than 100 free channels and 75 content partners, the channel has a viewership of around 6 million monthly users that are active and still growing.

Recently the channel also signed a venture with Hulu to telecast its free content. Sony’s PlayStation Store also incorporates the Pluto TV app on its PS3 and PS4. The app is also rated as one of the most-watched and includes a range of sports and live news.

Activate the Pluto TV on Roku Using

  • First, go to the CHANNEL STORE on your Roku and locate the Pluto TV app
  • Click on it and then select the ADD CHANNEL option
  • Before you do that, go to the SETTINGS option on Roku’s HOME screen
  • To check whether your system is up to date, select SYSTEM UPDATE
  • Click on the CHECK NOW button to run a system update
  • If you find a new update, ensure that the device installs the fresh version
  • Then once updated with the latest version, you can now click on ADD CHANNEL

The code

  • As usual, the process requires an activation code
  • The moment you try adding the channel, you will receive a code that has to be entered on Pluto TV’s website

Activate Pluto TV on Roku -

Channel News – On Pluto TV, users can enjoy a variety of news channels, tech channels, sports channels, pop culture, action/adventure, cartoon and much more. There are also a lot of after-school cartoons for children on KIDS TV. Other news channels that viewers can watch are News 24/7, MSNBC, Sky News, NBC News on Roku and the like.

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