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Roku Channel Guide

The Roku Channel guide aims to provide you with comprehensive information about the device, how it works and also features some of the best lineup of channels available on the Roku. The guide will be a  go-to option for everyone who require assistance during printer setup. Check out the manual provided below to get precise instructions in setting up your Roku streaming device. It is very important to know about the streaming device that you are about to use. The product specifications of all the Roku device models is given in detail.

About Roku

Partnered Services

Connect to the internet with your Roku device to watch both paid and free videos on your TV. Roku has partnered with several movie services such as Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and much more.

Pre-recorded Videos

These work similar to apps that you locate and load on to your smartphone. Watch pre-recorded, on-demand and live content from providers who display their services in the form of apps.

Roku Live TV

Live TV options are available for viewers in the form of Sling TV or Hulu with Live TV subscriptions. Get the Roku to enhance your cable and satellite TV experience along with an antenna.


  • The Roku is used to watch movies and TV shows through apps that are also referred to as channels
  • It is a 6-inch (basically) device that is also the easiest way to stream video content into your smart TV or even traditional TVs
  • Besides the box, there is also the Roku TV that has the streaming device built into it
  • Recently, Roku offers the following devices:
  • In the form of set-top boxes, they are Roku Express, Plus, and Ultra
  • The Roku Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus in the form of USBs
  • Some devices can offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) video on HDR compatible TVs

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Basic Roku Features


The Roku Channel Guide provides users with access to over 5,000 channels


All you require to stream is the Roku device and an HDMI cable


Some devices support 1080p videos in HD

roku private channels


Control can be initiated through the Roku Mobile app, which is absolutely free


Compatible with the 802.11 (b/g/n) wireless connection


The latest Roku devices come with the enhanced voice remote


Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Comes with Hotel and Dorm connect features. An enhanced ‘Point anywhere’ remote with TV volume and power control buttons. 4K and HDR compatibility. Powerful Wireless receiver along with the USB power cable. Supports dual band 802.11ac MIMO wireless. Upscaled HD TVs from 720p to 1080p streams a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Also 4K UHD TVs that are upscaled from 720p to 1080p it streams up to 2160p at 60fps at a resolution of 3840 × 2160. Supports the HDR10 technology

Roku Ultra

Top-tier Roku device priced at $99. Powerful quad-core processor. Comes with USB storage. Supports drive formats such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and HFS+. Optical audio to connect the audio system at home. Voice remote with voice search features. Remote finder to alert the location of the lost remote and Gaming buttons.

Specifications of the Roku Ultra

  1. Supports dual band wireless 802.11ac MIMO
  2. Provides displays at 720p, 1080p, and 4K UHD with HDR video
  3. Comes with the Night listening mode
  4. MicroSD card slot for additional storage

roku channel guide

  1. Advanced point anywhere remote with voice search
  2. Headphone jack
  3. IR receiver for universal remotes
  4. Dolby Audio pass with HDMI

Setting up the Roku

Most of the time, the setup process remains the same. You can connect any model as follows.

  • First, plug the device into your TV using an HDMI cable and then connect the same cable from the TV to the player
  • Get the Roku on to a network through the Wi-Fi; this can be done by connecting the device through the Ethernet
  • Power all the devices up
  • Load the batteries into Roku’s remote
  • Select the right input on your TV; check your TV remote for this
  • Answer all the questions on the guided setup
  • Select your preferred language. Be careful when you select this because everything within the application will be featured this way
  • Choose the network name and enter the password
  • Wait for the software download process; this is done automatically
  • Adjust the ‘Display Type’; it is best to let the device choose this for you

Adding the channel

  • Create an account on the Roku with a valid email ID
  • Go to the Channel Store or the Roku Channel Guide to click on the apps that you wish to add to the player
  • The moment you select the channel, it gets highlighted and you can see some options next to it including the ‘Add the channel’ option
  • Click on it and the app appears on the main screen of your player

Channel collection

Roku has a big selection of channels that you can choose from. There are many movies, TV shows, binge shows and even music on the Roku. Some of the most watched apps on the Roku Channel Guide are:


  • Subscription is free
  • Watch big-budget movies and original series


  • Pioneers of marathon TV
  • Watch new hits such as Black Mirror
  • Old classics are available as well
  • Best original programming


  • A subscription-based channel
  • Tied up with major networks such as ABC, The CW, etc.
  • Hulu original programming is available to watch as well]

Amazon Video

  • Available a la carte and as a subscription


  • Available free and on-demand
  • Raw original videos
  • Music videos
  • Best Web shows

HBO GO and HBO Now

  • Worthwhile investments on subscribed content
  • Watch popular shows old and current, comedies, hit movies and TV shows


  • On-demand content similar to Amazon video

New Arrivals on the Roku Channel store

Category-wise latest channels that you can enjoy on your device are as follows.


  • Balls and Boxes (Free)

Movies & TV

  • Dynamo Extreme Action
  • The Three Stooges Channel
  • Gage TV


  • 6 The Blast
  • Educational:
  • NASA

Special Interest

  • All About Automotive
  • TPG FictionFlix, Int, Into the West, Into the West Int


  • Newschoolers
  • Casey Willax – Spreading Stoke
  • Extreme Adventure


  • Funny Pranksters


  • Calvary Chapel of the Westside
  • Crossing Church
  • Fellowship Bible – Longview TX
  • House of Destiny
  • ICDC Buena Vista
  • COP Mobile
  • Iglesia Roca Eterna Detroit
  • Interbay Community Church


  • Jake Kelsick


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